Tours, Excursions, and more

I enjoy customizing activities for our clients and offer something more personal and creative than most operators offer. Private tours of the classic tourist places in Italy such as the Colosseum, Pompeii, the Vatican, etc. is where I started when living in Rome. Since 2014 I have expanded what I do.

By combining a variety of professional contacts and unique at home locations, I offer a variety of food and wine tour activities, creative activities such as Italian ceramics painting workshops, and VIP daytrip excursions with a private driver to combine nearby locations such as Pompeii & a Mt. Vesuvius hike or Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast scenic drive.

We also offer more unique combinations such as a city tour & an exclusive private concert or hiking & a wine tasting depending on the location and availability. In the summer we can go on a private boat ride along the Amalfi Coast stopping for a swim in the cool Tyrrhenian waters, lunch at a seaside restaurant, and time to explore the coastal village towns of Amalfi or Positano.

Creative and fun activities

A fun activity I do is what I call VIP hiking on the Amalfi Coast. I enjoy adventure activities and being in nature. So with the VIP hikes, I combine some sightseeing with a beautiful hike to make a full day excursion that I can also enjoy leading you through the day. To make it a VIP hike, I also hire the best driver on the coast to bring us to the starting point and to retrieve us at the end of the hike so we don’t over-exert ourselves and can enjoy some traditional sightseeing in the nearby local villages.

The first one is a VIP Amalfi Coast hiking excursion. This one starts in Amalfi and finishes in Ravello. We do about 3 hours of hiking combined with some touring in Amalfi and Ravello, stop for a fantastic lunch, and have a driver to start from your location on the coast and pick us up from the finish of the hike so we can relax after enjoying the waterfalls you’ll see throughout the valley.

The second hike is the famous Sentiero degli Dei or Path of the Gods. To reach the start of this hike can be difficult if you don’t have a driver, so on my VIP hike you have no worries of figuring out the bus schedule and transfers to reach the small mountaintop village where this path begins. We’ll hike for at least 3 hours or more depending on your pace and then go for a fantastic lunch with a panoramic view once we’ve finished. By then we’ll certainly have worked up an appetite. After lunch we’ll come down the mountain to have some time to walk around and visit Positano before returning to your room or vacation rental.

Forward thinking

I’ve planned some multi-day itineraries that I think will be fun to lead as the Inspiration Trips business grows. These itineraries are designed to stay as small groups (no more than 8 people total) who will travel together on the specified itinerary. They will include planned tours with licensed guides who are specialized where needed as I navigate the group from each location through Italy. Each itinerary will offer ample time for relaxing and some time to explore a bit on your own outside of the planned activities. We can work with a recommended travel agent to assist with your flights to Italy (if needed) and she’ll help me with securing our hotel bookings.

The first itinerary will be exclusively sold for women who are traveling solo (or with another female friend) and would like to join other positive and creative women as companions. If you are interested in this sort of trip, please join my closed Facebook group for this particular group trip. I look forward to hearing from you soon!