Founded in 2015, Inspiration Trips is an American woman-owned small business tour provider dedicated to the interests of adventurers and creatives. With over 20 years in the arts, personal service, and travel industries I provide friendly assistance with traditional Southern hospitality.

For tours and activities offered in Italy, I collaborate with local, licensed, and English-speaking freelance professionals to provide private and small group guided walking tours. I also organize creative, cultural, and adventure activities in the Campania region and give referrals to colleagues I’ve worked with throughout Italy.

On the site you may also find travel tips, book suggestions, classes and workshops, and a variety of other travel related information including our personal travel blog of adventures.

Our Team

Stephanie – Founder and Owner-operator

sm b-day 2014Stephanie is an artist and designer from the Southern United States. She completed her BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design and her MFA from Full Sail University, two of the country’s top private art schools. Her career has been very diverse including managing art galleries, designing products for businesses, homes, and luxury yachts, teaching, event planning, and managing travel schedules.

Stephanie lives in Italy and loves to travel, discovering in person the art destinations she used to study about and also to go on nature adventures. By experiencing firsthand these locations to gain personal knowledge and make contacts, she’s confident to provide advice on particular travel destinations and assisting to put together interesting itineraries offered at Inspiration Trips.

When not out exploring or organizing tours she is busy teaching at the university, writing, doing something creative in her studio, or finding treasures on the beach.

Lulu – Security and Tour Assistant

Picture 189Lulu is a rescue dog from the Everglades of Florida. She is qualified as a therapy dog by the Share-A-Pet organization of South Florida. She provides security at the office and during tours from cows on hiking trails or pesky street vendors in the cities. She also provides assistance during adventure outings to make sure the whole group stays together. Her natural talent for herding is apparent.

Her life and adventures are the subject of the upcoming children’s bilingual picture book series, Fun with Lulu, written and illustrated by Stephanie. She has also been a teaching assistant to Stephanie during English summer camps held in Italy.

In her free time she loves to play ball and games of Hide & Seek, go for walks on the beach, and travel anywhere she’s allowed to go with her mom. You can follow more about her on Facebook and Twitter.

Tour Guides and Professional Drivers

Where needed in Italy for city tours, at historical venues, and in art museums we employ professionally licensed tour guides who are highly educated in the fields of history, art history, and/or archeology. All guides have proven English skills so there is no need to worry if you do not speak Italian. For some adventure outings in the Amalfi Coast area I may lead or participate as your translator for the activity when there isn’t another tour leader who speaks fluent English.

Our drivers are professionals who provide clean, comfortable, and luxury (usually a Mercedes Benz model) vehicles. In Rome and in Campania they can provide transfer services to/from the airport, train stations, and your accommodation  to our tours or full day services for our excursions. We work only with friendly, English-speaking drivers.

Workshop and Class Instructors

The selection of workshop instructors I feature on Inspiration Trips come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are locals with a passion for cooking or other creative arts, some are ex-pats who have chosen Italy as their home to practice their art, and others still may be traveling creatives who are hosting a workshop at a special venue. In each case, we have proven that they are able to teach their classes in English (or we also participate and provide personal translations) and they have the facilities needed to conduct their lessons.