Private Tour of Amalfi Coast by Boat

IMG_6574The Amalfi Coast in the summer is a favorite escape from the heat of the cities in Italy. It’s where the Lattari Mountains dotted with colorful villages with pebbled beaches meet the cool, clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea at the Gulf of Salerno. Italians and tourists from around the world come to bask in the sun on the small beaches crowded with sun beds and colorful umbrellas.

To reach the villages one usually arrives by car or a crowded bus on narrow winding roads. This is great if you enjoy driving and don’t mind traffic. Personally I love doing it in the off-season as the drive is absolutely breathtaking.

Another option is to take a ferry from Salerno or Napoli to one of the various villages which has a dock for this service. This can be a pleasant ride despite the mass transit, but there are limitations…

Our Private Boat tour

IMG_6722To truly enjoy the beauty of the coast from a different perspective with less stress and no traffic or crowds is to hire a private boat for the day. Our excursion starts from Vietri sul Mare or Salerno and we have a few different boat options depending on the size of your group.

So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and be prepared to take a dip and swim to a private beach or soak in the sun in front of the homes of a couple of Italy’s most famous celebrities. We’ll enter sea caves and stop for lunch at a beach restaurant where you can only reach it by boat and we’ll spend a little time together exploring Amalfi and Positano, two of the most famous of the Italian seaside villages of the coast.


This activity includes me or one of my beautiful friends as your English “translator” and tour leader of the coast while my Italian friend drives the boat. Weather and seas permitting, we’ll show you some of our favorite places along the coast. This excursion can be booked from May through September or maybe even early October if the weather is nice.

Book your tour or activity

Contact us to get pricing, check on availability for your travel dates, and to book your reservation. We handle most of our communication via email as it’s easier to track and more convenient across the various time zones. Our office is located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, just a few hours south of Rome. If you prefer to have contact with a live person over the phone or a video chat, send us a message with your time zone and the best times we can reach you to schedule a convenient time for us both to discuss your trip. We can be available by either Skype or Facetime (or Google Hangouts too).

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