Hiking excursion from Amalfi to Ravello

img_5532.jpgMany who are into hiking and have checked out famous trails in Italy have learned about the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) that crosses the top of the Amalfi Coast with spectacular views. However, there is another trail that’s worth checking out – the Valle delle Ferriere.

The start of the hiking trail is in Amalfi and it climbs up the mountain along the Rio Canneto where the negative ion energy in the air is doubly amplified by the rushing waterfalls under a lush canopy of trees dotted with ruins of the old paper mills which once produced the famous Amalfi paper. This kind of energy is healthy for you and helps to counter the negative effects that positive ions generated by our modern lifestyle have on our bodies. It’s almost impossible to not feel good on this hike. Come with us and feel the stress of a busy life in the city melt away.

img_9917Our VIP Hiking excursion combines an informative tour of Amalfi, 3 hours of hiking in the valley with the waterfalls and connects to a second trail with panoramic views over the coast, lunch at a delicious restaurant which serves fresh pasta and pizza, and a visit to Villa Rufolo in Ravello. Our private driver will provide transfers to Amalfi and from the end of the hiking trail through the remainder of our day together. One of your hiking guides might even include the famous German Shepherd, Lulu.


This tour is available from April to October. Inquire for your travel dates when it is possible to arrange a day. If you want to consider this as an excursion from Rome you’d need to plan an early train to arrive in Napoli by 7am or Salerno by 8am. Our local driver can meet you at either location before you come to Vietri where you will meet the guide for the hiking tour.

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img_9934Contact us to get pricing, check on availability for your travel dates, and to book your reservation. We handle most of our communication via email as it’s easier to track and more convenient across the various time zones. Our office is located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, just a few hours south of Rome. If you prefer to have contact with a live person over the phone or a video chat, send us a message with your time zone and the best times we can reach you to schedule a convenient time for us both to discuss your trip. We can be available by either Skype or Facetime (or Google Hangouts too).

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