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There’s no argument that Italy is full of history and culture. Some historians dedicate their careers just in specific areas of Roman and Italian history. Italy is also one of the few countries where being a legal tour guide requires that you have a license just as many other professions like a doctor or attorney. A vast majority of the licensed guides are highly educated in the areas of history, art history, or archeology and they must pass a very difficult exam in at least 2 languages to receive their license.

Not all tours require such strict regulations, such as a wine tour for example. However, at historic and archeological venues such as the Vatican or the Colosseum it is absolutely required. In these cases we always book licensed guides for your tour, otherwise we use tour accompanists who can lead tours outside of these sorts of venues.

Going on a classic city walking tour is not just an interesting way to spend a few hours, it’s a great way to save time during your trip to see the most important and historically important sites with a professional who can explain it all to you. You’ll feel like a VIP being lead expertly through the sometimes confusing streets where you might otherwise get lost. Trust me, having a map and a GPS is not extremely helpful if you have never spent any time in a place like Venice before. Having a guide can show you the shortcuts or avoid any areas that have congestion or are impossible to realize are impassable on a map.

Some of the places where I or my colleagues can book your VIP private city walking tour includes the following:

Contact us or follow the links above if you are planning a trip to any of these venues and are interested to book a tour with one of our professional guides to learn about the history of these places.

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