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The Colosseum is the most iconic symbol of Rome. It’s a site that you don’t want miss checking off your bucket list if you are traveling through the Eternal City. If you are thinking to take a private tour in Rome, plan ahead! The really great guides in Rome book their calendars as early as 2 months or more ahead of time, especially during high seasons. Even so, we can usually find someone for you if you are booking in the next couple of weeks, but the availability can be more difficult to schedule your preferred day or time.

Our classic tour of the Colosseum & Ancient Rome is a 3-hour walking tour with a private guide through the amphitheater and the ancient Roman Forum. The tour is offered throughout the year with the exception of a few holidays when the venue is closed. Tours generally begin in the morning at 9am or in the afternoon at 2pm. Occasionally, I can locate a guide who is available at midday if you prefer a later start.

This tour is booked as a private tour at the same flat-rate offered only by Inspiration Trips for 1-6 people. The only variation in price will be the amount of tickets required to purchase for your group which is not included in the tour fee. Upon booking, you will pay for the tour in advance via an invoice sent through Paypal.

Regular admission tickets are required and we will order them in advance for you saving you any confusion and making things easier overall. These allow us to “skip the line” which means we will bypass those who just show up at the main entrance to purchase their tickets. Everyone, even those with a reservation, must pass through a security check which at times can be as much as 30 minutes long (don’t say I didn’t warn you if you think someone else can get you in without seeing security first).

Regular admission tickets do not include the Underground or Belvedere sections of the amphitheater. For an extra ticket fee we can usually arrange the add-on tickets for the Belvedere viewing that includes a group tour given by the Colosseum staff. When we arrange this tour our guide will not take you to the amphitheater during our scheduled 3 hours. Instead, you will visit other surrounding areas to extend your time to learn about Ancient Rome. The tour of the amphitheater and Belvedere with the Colosseum staff takes 1 hour, 15 minutes at prescheduled times I will coordinate with you according to availability. The maximum amount of participants in their groups is limited to 25 people.

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Contact us to get pricing, check on availability for your travel dates, and to book your reservation. We handle most of our communication via email as it’s easier to track and more convenient across the various time zones. Our office is located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, just a few hours south of Rome. If you prefer to have contact with a live person over the phone or a video chat, send us a message with your time zone and the best times we can reach you to schedule a convenient time for us both to discuss your trip. We can be available by either Skype or Facetime (or Google Hangouts too).

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