Excursions and Activities in Italy

Are you looking for interesting excursions or things to do in Italy? If so, you’re in the right spot. Inspiration Trips is a small-business tour operation that not only provides private day tours but also can help you plan cultural activities or organize a full-day excursion in some of the most popular locations in Italy and also some which are off the beaten track.

We love adventure and being creative, so we’ve designed our business to provide a variety of quality services which employ the local friends and contacts we have made during our own adventures of living here. It’s our pleasure to share our discoveries with you.

Anytime we explore a new place it is an adventure for us. We love nature and could even be considered a bit of an adrenaline junkie too. Our regular favorite past time includes hiking in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast or beachcombing for treasures to put in our creative projects. Since we have the luxury of living here, we regularly seek out activities and information that are often only known to native Italians. We’ve put together some itineraries to make it easier for you to experience and discover some activities not seen on a typical tourist information site.

As a creative we have met several others who teach art lessons like plein-air painting retreats in Tuscany or a ceramics painting class in a studio. If the kitchen is more of your playground (or just enjoy what comes out of the kitchen), we also offer a variety of culinary experiences where you can have a hands-on lesson to learn how to prepare some local dishes or go on a gastronomic tour tasting and learning about the different amazing foods and wines that Italy produces.

Contact us if you are planning a trip to Italy and are interested in doing something tailored to fit your schedule and personal interests.

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An American jewelry artist and English language professor in Italy.

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