Hiking on the Path of the Gods

Do you feel drained and the need to get away from everything? To let go of the demands of busy schedules, paying bills, and worrying about the government? Maybe you need a vacation to someplace magical, romantic, and inspiring.

If you thought of Italy and the sights of the country’s natural beauty, then a hike along the famous Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast might be the recharging your soul needs.

One of the best ways for me to connect to my creative energy is to get out in nature, away from the demands of everyday life. It’s where I can listen to the voice that speaks to me from within and sparks ideas.

When one is able to soak in this kind of divine energy without other distractions it is possible to receive great inspirations, resolve conflicts in their mind or heart, and find peace.

On the Amalfi Coast of Italy, between the cities of Naples and Salerno, there is a nature hike called Il Sentiero degli Dei or the Path of the Gods. The views are breathtaking and if you have the time and physical capacity when you visit Campania, you should certainly include this hike in your travel itinerary. The Gods made this a very special place and when you go you will see why.

Book a VIP excursion with us

Lulu and I will lead you on a morning hike that will take about 2.5-3 hours to hike across the one direction. I’ll make it easy by organizing a private driver to transfer you from your accommodation (or cruise ship) in the Amalfi Coast/Napoli/Salerno areas to meet us so that we save the difficult journey to the top of the mountain and we arrive right to the beginning of the trail.

Once we reach the end of the trail, the driver will be waiting to take us to a delicious lunch with panoramic views featuring local products and dishes. With full bellies, we’ll go down the mountain to explore Positano afterwards.

Trying to do this hike on your own is possible, but difficult using public transportation or exhausting if you hike from sea level all the way up and back down again at the end. If you’re interested in the outdoors and don’t want to overdo it so that you can save some energy for the other days of your trip, let us organize an unforgettable outing that will include me as your hiking guide and Lulu as our assistant (if you’re okay with dogs) to keep the group together as we hike along the path. I’ll be able to identify the villages you see along the path and provide some local knowledge that I’ve gathered since moving to the region.

If you prefer to go on your own, I’ve made plenty of notes on the next page so you can know what to expect. However, if you prefer to be treated like a VIP, contact us to schedule a date during your trip. My dates available are limited, so book in advance.

VIP Path of the Gods Hike availability

This VIP hike is limited from April to June during the weekends or long holiday breaks. From July through September you can schedule throughout the week or weekend according to availability.

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